“Understanding America for the Non- American Black: American Tribalism”

“Understanding America for the Non- American Black: American Tribalism”

On page 227 Adichie uses Ifemelu to describe tribalism or in similar terms basically a clique.  The desirable land we call America is not so perfect.  We are a society constrained to certain groups and labels.  Blacks at the bottom, Whites at the top.  When reading the term WASP I immediately thought of white well privileged cisgender males.  Not white privileged women because even then there is a hierarchy.  Ifemelus post reminds me of the current political turmoil this country is in thanks to W.A.SP.  We are indeed the Divided States of America thanks to the W.A.S.P in charge.

When Ifemelu speaks of the discrimination against Jewish people I could not help but draw connections to how much religion dictates how you are viewed.  Especially for Muslims in America.  Unlike Jewish people who do have some privilege given their skin color, Muslims are constantly attacked for what they believe in and how they look.  In the constitution it is stated we Americans have the right to freedom of religion, yet many Muslims who practice the Islamic faith and Jewish people are heavily discriminated against.  Once again making America the land of the hypocrites.  If we want to be a progressive nation we must learn to put prejudice aside and not stereotype and label people based on ethnicity, how they look, or even names as Ifemelu states on colleges stereotyping.



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