“Understanding America for the Non-American Black What Hispanic means”

“Understanding America for the Non-American Black What Hispanic means”

Ifemelu implies that there is a racial hierarchy, and depending on what race you are you are on a certain level.This post specifically explores what it means to be Hispanic. Hispanic is part of the minority but is considered a bit better because, from what I understand, they are not black. It is obvious, but when you really look at it, being African American seems to be the lowest of the low and any other minority will always be a step better.You are in a “better” Hell than that of the black people. Hispanic is a broad term, that is used to define all people that seemingly fit the criteria for the Hispanic profile and speak Spanish. Is that a correct way of think? To lump everyone together under one term in America? Hispanics from all over have stark differences between them, so why do we profile people who look “Hispanic” because as far as I am concerned, there is no one look. With that being said, because of the diversity of the ‘Hispanic” look, they have different rankings. The paler-skinned Hispanics are of a higher order than the chocolate skinned women from Peru. Hispanics have it bad, but is worst than being African American? Is there a contest between who has it worst? In my opinion, we are all in the same boat. If you speak Spanish one automatically assumes Hispanic, is that right? Are the people of America’s standards so low that one must assume that you are a certain race because of the language you speak? Can people who do not descend from Latin American be bilingual,”Why is it so incomprehensible that someone can speak another language and not be part of the ethnic group that majority speaks that language? There is definitely certain perception attached to being Hispanic, and who is higher than the other when is comes to poverty rankings.



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