“Understanding America for the Non American Black: What do WASPs Aspire to be?”

“Understanding America for the Non American Black: What do WASPs Aspire to be?”

Ifemelu’s post suggests the notion that there is, in fact, a racial hierarchy. Other races strive to be at the top or appear to be better than the other, making their way up to the WASP’s (which stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). Other races can always say “at least we are not black”, but yet everyone likes to think they’ve got it bad. As I stated in my last post, there is, and like usual Blacks are at the bottom. Why is it that reassure of your non-blackness okay with you?  Do you not realize that we all take shit from the White Man? When one thinks that they are above a race simply because you are not that race, you become the oppressor. You are striving to become as close to the WASP’s as possible. There is this quote that goes “United we stand, Divided we fall,” meaning that together we can make a difference, but if we divide ourselves up and take sides fighting the same demons we will get nowhere. That is the problem with America, almost everyone is selfish, so consumed with their own viewpoint in problems that they fail to see their own brothers and sisters drowning because when any minority has to shovel the same shit, we are a family. Just like in Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”. If we are all striving to be WASP’s then what are they striving to be? I do not have the luxury of being white, so tell me WASP’s, what do you strive for? Because from my perspective you have got it good, what else could you need when you have already stolen everyone’s culture.



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