“Why Dark-skinned Black Women- Both American and Non-American- Love Barack Obama”

“Why Dark-skinned Black Women- Both American and Non-American- Love Barack Obama”

My perception of this blog post was dealing with colorism.  Not only in America but in places such as the Caribbean and Africa.  We live in a world where “White is right” and “Black is wack” and if you are light you are just “alright”  The truth of the matter is light skinned people do get by much easier than their darker counterparts.  We are fed this universal standard about what beauty is supposed to be and it often involves being white or light.  Which makes many people think “Is my black really beautiful?”  Today media still depicts dark skinned women in a negative light.  Our former First lady Michelle Obama was a victim of the crude and disgusting post.  Often being referred to as an “ape” or “manly” never graceful or what one defines as “soft feminine features”  As Ifemelu’s post states “he broke the mold, he married one of their own” while this may be true, the cycle still continues.  If anything Obama helped bring the problem of racism to the forefront which was needed, but the problem still persists.   President Barack Obama being elected only ignited the racist white bigots to show their true colors.  Which explains why our government is in the situation it is now.  We are rescinding in progress.  Just as Ifemelu says a dark black woman never gets to be the “hot woman” in films, and when it does happen which is rarely we as a people hype it up for a short period of time and move on to the next thing,  no recognition is given at all, or there is hatred from our own kind.  Remember progress starts within our own communities.  No Black president, no celebrities, no one with any amount of power can change things on their own.  We’ve come so far, but we’ve got so far to go.

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