“Badly Dressed White Middle Managers From Ohio Are Not Always What You Think”

“Badly Dressed White Middle Managers From Ohio Are Not Always What You Think”

“Ever write about adoption? Nobody wants black babies in this country, and I don’t mean biracial, I mean black. Even the black Families do not want them”

Ifemelu quoted this man on the subway in her blog, with the suggestion, no, the flat out statement that no one wants a black baby, not even black people.

I’m rolling my eyes right now, and you should as well because we both know what I am about to say. Nobody wants a black child.Nothing more to it. Black people do not even want black people, because why go through that struggle of raising a black child when you have options of other ethnicities. It sounds messed up, but then I had to ask myself a question. Would I willingly adopt a black baby? I’ve always said that I would adopt and the thought of having a black baby never crossed my mind and why is that? After some reflection, I came to the conclusion that I am just like everyone else, but wait let me explain. I have been around black people all my life, any other race to me would be exotic to me. Which is a sickening mentality because it means that people’s ethnicity can be seen a certain way, it means they can fall on a spectrum, they already do, but I should not encourage it in any shape way or form. While I am thinking of other ethnic children, that black child who deserves a home just got passed up, again



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