“Not All Dreadlocked White American Guys Are Down”

“Not All Dreadlocked White American Guys Are Down”

Race is totally over-hyped these days, black people need to get over themselves, it’s all about class now, the haves and the have-nots” Excellent!  The epitome of cultural appropriation and ignorance at its finest.  Unfortunately, there are many people who have this same exact mindset.  Here in the great land we call the United States of America, many people like to brush race and racism aside as if it is so minuscule.  Instead of realizing that there is indeed a problem White people would rather make excuses because they do not want to feel guilty.  They would rather steal every ethnic minorities culture and call it “eccentric” or “fascinating” but when those same minorities are experiencing racism they stay silent.  I do agree that class does divide us, but what comes first is race.  At the end of the day, people see what’s on the outside first.  You can be the richest, smartest and most intellectual educated black person around.  You can attend PWIs, you can straighten your hair, you can speak prim and proper all night and day.  You can have every accreditation in the world to your name.  But to White people, all you are to them is a nigga.  You see that’s the problem with some Black folks.  We still try so hard to appease the white man and adapt to what they think is right.  We often lose sight to who we are or once were.  You can conform all you want to, but that melanin, that beautiful exuberant, stunning brown skin that intimidates and makes some White people fume is still there.  Class is secondary and can be changed.  Your race is first and forever.



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