“The Hot White Ex”

“The Hot White Ex”

Ifemelu suggests that love is key to break down the racial barrier between America is not friendship love, but romantic love, but it is so hard to achieve this, especially in a community that does not encourage bi-racial couples. It sounds cliche, to say that love is the answer, I know, but bear with me.There is this man named Trevor Noah.  He is a South African comedian, writer, producer, actor, media critic, and television host. He also is the host of the satirical television show called the Daily Show. Trevor told this story about how his parents were breaking the law simply by him being born. Do you know what that law was? In the apartheid era in South African blacks and whites were not supposed to engage in sexual relations and if caught a long sentence term was definite. If you had a baby together you would be put in jail and the child would be taken away. Trevor described how he would have to walk on opposite sides of the street with his father and how his mother would disappear late at night to see his father. They lived in fear of being discovered. One would question if the risk was worth it. What would drive someone to do such a thing knowing the consequences? Simple.Love. It is crazy what people would do for love. Love sometimes takes away all of your senses of what is right or wrong until all you see is the beauty of that person. Love broke down the notion that it was wrong for whites and blacks to mingle, love created a beautiful child, not out of hate but desire. So is love really that strong? Is love the answer to the racial divide in America? Possibly. Will it ever be that simple? No, but the notion is a good one. In America, love does not seem to be important, it is always, excuse my french,” Fuck money get hoes”. Money makes the world go around, some would say it is the root of evil, because with money comes power, and the whites want to stay in power. So maybe America has their priorities messed up. In a world full of superficial people who only care about the surface, who feel important based on how many likes and comments they get, is it really possible for America to obtain that deep type of love that has the ability to break down barriers and make you do something as crazy and dangerous as love someone from a different race?

I’d love your thoughts and feedback.

~~ A.J




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