“A Michelle Obama Shout- Out Plus Hair as Race Metaphor”

“A Michelle Obama Shout- Out Plus Hair as Race Metaphor”

Ifemelus post suggest that when black people wear their hair natural it is no longer natural because we often wear weave, so when it is in its natural state it is always “Did you do something to your hair?”. The people who have really done something to their hair are the people who change it, people who fry their hair with heat and chemical. Ifemelu states that when black people do wear their hair natural it is not because she is being political or because she fits the scene of an artist, the fact that she had to state this is that wearing your natural hair nowadays is suppose to represent something or that you fit into a certain scene when in reality is is just hair, it is normal , but we have veered so far from normal and natural that it actually creates and Identity. Ifemelu states that having your hair in its natural state, according to the white people, is unsophisticated and unprofessional, yet when white people want to take our hair style’s they are never questioned and asked: “Did you do something to your hair.” Beauty in America is looking like a white person, never embracing the features you were blessed with unless they resemble that of a white person.

Lord knows I needed this posted. I too suffer from my Natural Hair. And yes, notice how I said suffer. I love my hair, I do, I love the way it drys out quickly and drinks up coconut oil likes it has been in the Sahara Desert with no water for weeks. I love how it tangles up just from being out in its natural state, and how I  wish they were curls. I love how my hair is everywhere on my head, sticking up like I have been electrocuted. But the thing I love the most is that it is my hair. I know the other comments held a certain sarcastic quality, but I do love my hair, I look in the mirror and think to myself, I look like strong pro-black women as stupid as that sounds. I do not believe in putting heat in my hair or harmful chemicals because lord save me if I ever go bald (that is a whole other can of worms, hair length). But what else is there to do to tame this mess of unruly hair? The solution that America came up with is a weave. Braid your hair up, put some weave in, and leave it alone for a month, and let the cycle repeat. The reason I suffer from hair is because I do not know what to do with it. The problem with it is, that nothing should be done. Just as Ifemelu says, when you wear your natural hair out, people ask you what did you do with your hair, because they are so used to it being anything other than natural. From my perspective my hair makes me take on the Identity of strong black women, which is also wrong because it should not give me an identity at all because hair is hair, it is not a persona, it does make you something other than what you are. Since so few have their hair natural nowadays natural hair has taken an identity of its own, if you wear your hair natural, you are representing your roots ( which is so superficial it is ridiculous, a whole separate post). Nobody wants to hire the woman or man that wears their hair in its most natural state because it is not the standard America has set, so ladies go get you some inches, and men slap on that S-curl, because they sure are profiting off us, yet we perpetuate it. Michele knew what she was doing when she wore her hair down, she knows that standard American has set. Michelle represented her husband, skin and hair color. God forbid she ruin Obama’s chances by projecting the perception people hold that she is a strong dark skinned woman because she wears her hair natural or the perception that she let herself go because of the untamed wool atop her head. But have no fear, the white men and women can steal out hairstyles and not get questioned because we do not seem to be appreciating it.

~~ A.J


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