“Is Obama Anything but Black?”

“Is Obama Anything but Black?”

Ifemelu suggests that someone can not claim to be mixed with other races when the color of your skin recognizably can categorize you into a certain race. She says that it does not matter what you identify as, in other people’s eyes, their first assumption is that you are the race that reflects your skin color. She used Obama as an example specifically. People argue that Obama is biracial, black-and-white, mixed, biracial. Which is true. But when it comes down to it, he is black because race is a construct and it is all about the color of your skin, not your blood. This suggests that no matter what you are mixed with, if your skin predominately reflects that of a black person, then you become black. You would have been sitting in the back of the bus with the rest of us.

Here we go. Everyone likes to say what they mixed with as if it makes them exotic. There was this girl used to go to school with. She was black in my eyes, but when people would ask her she would name a whole list of things she was mixed with, as if it made her superior, she would gush with pride. I would look at her and think, So? As far as I am concerned, and as far as America is Concerned, you are black. That little percentage of “other” does not mean anything. When people look at you, they will not think of the list you named, they will think of you as an African American. Point is, what you look like is what you are, what is that phrase “ If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck then it must be a duck.” Claiming to be anything other than what you look like is obscene. Like Ifemelu says, imagine Obama saying that he is kinda white, who would believe that? You can be mixed with whatever you like but if you do not look it then you are not it.



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