“Obama Can Win Only If He Remains the Magic Negro”

“Obama Can Win Only If He Remains the Magic Negro”

Former President Obama, the man who always stayed humble and gracious regardless of the situation because he had a hint of color to him.  It is a sad reality that many black people face everyday.  We have no choice but to keep our mouths shut in certain situations because our skin color is too intimidating and will be scrutinized at the drop of a hat.  Barrack Obama had no choice but to comply to White America if he had any chance of becoming president.  That is why he is labeled the “Magic Negro”  When I look at our current president who is sexist, misogynistic, rude, and “tells it like it is” I imagine President Obama acting the same way and seeing him not even making it through the primaries.  Donald Trump is the epitome of White privilege or terrible orange spray tan privilege whichever you prefer.  Unfortunately, brown skin in America is a target, and if you play the game right you may not get hit.  The emphasis on may because quite frankly let’s be honest here, some White people still won’t care.  They will shoot you dead just for being Black.  And thanks to the justice system they will get away with it too.  President Obama came in with his elegance and grace and taught White people how to “break down the sad but understandable prejudice in their hearts”.  I love how Ifemelu used the word understandable in this post because that is how Obama had to act.  There is nothing understandable about being prejudice, but Obama had to pretend and empathize with White people if he ever had a shot.  Many Black people today have to comply and act a certain way to receive opportunities.  We cannot be ourselves in predominantly White social settings without being labeled as “wild” or “ghetto”.  We have always been targeted and will continue to be targeted until White America realizes that everyone is equal and that we are supposed to accept diversity.



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