“Understanding America for the Non-American Black: A Few Explanations of What Things Really Mean”

“Understanding America for the Non-American Black: A Few Explanations of What Things Really Mean”


1.) Ifemelu suggests that in America people hate to talk about race when the topic comes up there are things you can say to shut it down because it makes you uncomfortable. Everyone likes to think that they are pro-black and have no problem with black people being equal but when it comes right down to it they are pretenders. They do not mind black people working, as long as they are not the boss of you. They do not mind black people being free, as long as they do not live next to you. It is racist, pure and simple, yet they like to deny that they have these prejudices because they are not being outwardly racist. I agree with Ifemelus post because America is most uncomfortable with calling a spade a spade. Why are we so uncomfortable with calling it like it is? It is like the elephant in the room, it is always there, but you do not mention it because acknowledging its presence out loud will make you even more uncomfortable and real. Everyone likes to seem forward thinking but all of sudden it is a freaking problem when they have to personally help out or be associated with a black person. Just like the people who like to tweet and cry injustice but yet do nothing about it. The only time when you want to associate is when you need a black man home to upset Daddy.

2.a) Ifemelus post suggest that Diversity has a different meaning to different people because of they are used to. Such as White people considering a place diverse when they have a speckling of black people, but as long as they are not the majority. Black people consider a place diverse when they see 40%, black people. This is very interesting because it suggests that black people are so surprised to see other black people that it then becomes diverse even though it is their own race. When it is not an overwhelming amount of white people, then it is diverse. But for white people, who come and dominate areas are so use of white faces that the faintest amount of color makes a place diverse.

2.b) Diversity is supposed to mean a wide array of people of different ethnicities in a certain area. But that is not the case depending on the race. Diversity is what you see and the lack thereof Ifemelu said that diversity for white people is seeing black people, but diversity for black people is seeing other black people. When you think about it, this statement rings true, because in a world where white people are taking over and gentrifying “urban areas” (aka predominantly black) it is considered diverse to even have someone of your own skin color.

3.a) Ifemelu suggest that America likes to sugarcoat things, make it seem softer than the gritty truth of the matter. There is always a softer word for something that is harsh, but in a sense not even harsh, just the truth. Which suggest that America does not like to call things like they are, which is why there are so many issues that have still go unaddressed.

3.b) Which is true, nobody wants to offend anyone, or not be politically correct. God forbid we offend anyone or make them uncomfortable with speaking the truth about something. Say what everyone is thinking instead of dancing around the matter at hand. Everyone is spending their time thinking up ways to rephrase something so it does not offend when in reality if you need to do that then you might as well say it because it what you meant in the first place, some things just need to be said in its rawest form in order for people to truly understand.



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