“Understanding America for the Non-American Black: Thoughts on the Special White Friend”

“Understanding America for the Non-American Black: Thoughts on the Special White Friend”

We’ve all had or know of that one white person who is woke!  And I don’t mean woke as in aware and silent.  I mean woke as in calling out all BS.  Thanks to White privilege as I have stated before, that White friend can pretty much get away with saying anything they want.  Put that white friend to use my fellow brothers and sisters.  Our brown skin does not permit us to say how we feel whenever we want to.  We have to constantly be politically correct and quiet.  Luckily that pale pasty skin does not hold the same standards.  That brown skin symbolizes aggression, poverty, illiteracy, and many more negative connotations to White America.  When Iemelus is retelling the story about her father, the main reason he could not vote or go to a good school was because of his skin color.  Everything we are shunned for now is all thanks to what White people did back in the day.  What is most interesting about Ifemelus post is the end.  She wrote on if people think racism is over.  Unsurprisingly, many white people said yes while Black people said no. This represents White privilege itself. Since White people cannot experience racism they think it is no longer a problem.

And to those silent White people I mentioned earlier, please speak up.  Your silence is only worsening the problem of the divide in America.  When you don’t speak up it signifies that you do not care.  You can take the White privilege that you have and use it for good.  Do not let the illogical racist buffoons with loud mouths win.  Many of those loud mouths often think that Black people are always “playing the race card” like Ifem states.  They do not want to come to terms that racism is actually a tremendous problem.  They do not see the history behind the oppression of minorities.  Just like the job qualifications example Ifem mentioned, Black people have been turned away for years when they have the same if not better qualifications of their White counterparts.  It is all because of what we look like.  Who would have thought when the world was created something so minuscule as the color of one’s skin would divide humanity.



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