“What Academics Mean by White Privilege, or Yes It Sucks to Be Poor and White but Try Being Poor and Non- White”

“What Academics Mean by White Privilege, or Yes It Sucks to Be Poor and White but Try Being Poor and Non- White”

White Privilege.  A phrase many white people hate hearing or even thinking about.  They like to disprove it and say things such as “well I grew up poor so I don’t have privilege” or “everyone is the same” like Ifemelu states when this is just not the case.  Anytime white people feel “attacked” they want to discredit theories like white privilege instead of just recognizing it.  We are a society so consumed with irrelevant things that we disregard and ignore issues like white privilege and racism.  The fact of the matter is minorities have it rough, and if you as a white person cannot see that you have it better makes you delusional and ignorant.  Black people specifically, cannot say what they want without repercussions, cannot act loud and be disrespectful without being labeled “ghetto” meanwhile white girls like Danielle Bregoli can go on Dr. Phil acting the same way and become internet sensations overnight.  THAT is White Privilege.  A Black man cannot go around saying things like “grab her by the pu**y” and still be elected president. THAT is White privilege.  White people do not have to worry about being racially profiled, being nervous in majority white suburbs, or being pulled over by the police fearing for their lives.  The first step to progression is realizing that your white privilege is real.  Ifemelu is showcasing all of the stereotypes and situations POC deal with on a daily basis that White people just won’t understand because it will never cross their minds.  My favorite statement that I see in Ifems post is the whole “Can’t we just be human beings?”  I wish things could be that simple, but since White people did not recognize Black people in America as humans from the start we’re unfortunately faced with all of these current conflicts.



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