“Friendly Tips for the American Non- Black: How To React to an American Black Talking About Blackness”

“Friendly Tips for the American Non- Black: How To React to an American Black Talking About Blackness”

Ifemelu makes a very detailed well thought out post on what Non-Black Americans should and should not do or say when it comes to speaking to Black Americans.  Many other POC just like Whites often make the same ignorant remarks.  “It’s not really race, it’s class”.  Like Ifem says, trust and believe us Black folk really don’t want things to be about race, but it unfortunately is.  We would certainly love to sing Kumbaya with everyone while holding hands, but that just isn’t the case.  Racism is very prominent and if you cannot see that then it is time to take off your patriotic goggles and recognize the problem.  Ifemelu speaks on the struggle of all people.  Just because your people struggled (Mexicans, Italians, Irish) does not mean you can discredit the American Black struggle because there has always been a hierarchy.  White people have at one point in time mistreated all of us (I guess it’s just in their blood I don’t know), but the struggle for Black Americans is still real.  Ifemelus post suggests that in America when you are black you take on the baggage of Jim Crow, slavery, discrimination from the 1960s (which was only 50+ years ago,) and much much more. Lastly, please stop saying “Black people are racist too” I cannot tell you how many times I have heard annoying, White people especially say this exact phrase.  As stated in her post all people can be prejudice, but Black people do not have the power to express racism.  This post can go on and on forever, but the point of Ifems statement is to say… try listening for a change.  Please do not be so quick to get defensive.  When there is something you do not understand ask questions, read a book, become educated.  When you become educated that means there is one less ignorant person in the world ignoring the problem.



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