“Just This Evening “

“Just This Evening “

Ifemelu talks about how this professor was stopped by the police because they thought he had drugs. They racially profiled him because he was black. He is an Ivy League Professor, but did that matter? No. Point is, there is a notion that you are supposed to look a certain way to be something. No one would think this black guy is actually an Ivy League Professor since he did not look the part, meaning he was black. He is not good enough to look like an Ivy League professor but he does fit the profile of a person on drugs. Ifemelu then talks about how her baby pushed himself to do well in school just to prove a white teacher wrong. The statement the teacher made suggest that certain races are good at certain things and lack the ability to do other things. In this case, black people are supposed to be athletic, and whites are supposed to be to the intellectual, there is nothing bad about it, it is as natural as gravity. There were already prospective notions made from the day you were born. These two events mean that based on how you look or who you are, you are expected to act a certain way. Ifemelu said she could not identify with wanting to do well to prove a point. Ifemelu is from Nigerian, does that have some significance in why she can not identify with this? Is it a cultural thing? I think it means that because she is from a place full of people that look like her, there was no need to prove yourself to a different race.

Based on the life I lead I can most certainly relate to wanting to prove white people wrong and wanting to eradicate certain notion made about us made. I want to represent the smart black women, not the one going outside wearing a scarf on their head with flip flops and see through leggings. I want to not be embarrassed around white people when I see black people acting a fool. I want to not fit the profile. Perhaps I can if you get to know me, but what about the people that make snap judgments of me purely because of my race? Is there a way to really change that? For one, television can stop portraying black people in a negative light, such as on the news, reality television shows. Another big thing that needs to change is rap music. You know the kind I am talking about. There is so much that needs to change from within our own culture before we can even think about changing someone else mind.



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