“Traveling While Black”

“Traveling While Black”

Ifemelu makes a post about a friend of a friend making a book about traveling while black. The premise behind this is that there are guidebooks for all types of things, even being gay or a woman in the country, but what they neglect to mention is what it is like to travel while black. Not just any black, though, recognizably black, which means that despite what you are mixed with, someone can look at you and automatically assume you are black. The man Ifemelu is quoting then goes on to explain the different places the receive you as being recognizably black. Everywhere they seem to look at you as if you are different, not all of it is filled with malice, but nevertheless, they still look. The suggestion is that across some places of the world there is a race problem, or race continues to take the forefront in cultures. Not every place is as severe as the next but race plays a role in how people will perceive you. I agree with what the man Ifemelu is quoting is saying because even before her post, prior knowledge tells me that race is an issue, even in countries that contain majority black people. There always seems to be levels to race, in Latin America, there is a racial caste system, much like in America and guess what? The Negro is at the bottom.  A statement was made that I did not quite understand, it was the suggestion that “Native blacks are always treated worse than Non-Native Blacks everywhere in the world,” I have never heard this claim before and I tried looking it up, but no such luck. If you could answer this for me to bring me clarity it would be appreciated.




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