NigerPolitan Club

NigerPolitan Club

At this point in the text, Ifemelu is analyzing how Americanahs who move back to Lagos view their home country.  Many of them often have nothing nice to say, but pick out every imperfection within their home country.  This is simply because they have adapted to American culture and society that anything other than America seems “wrong”.  Luckily Ifemelu states that she is self- aware of this hypocrisy but she cannot help but point out every flaw.  In my opinion, it seems to be a very conflicting way to view and live life.  As Ifemelu states many come home wanting to make their home country better with businesses and new ideas.  This reminds me of a concept discussed in Theory of Knowledge.  What is it with people always wanting to change other societies.  I often think of the quote “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”.  Now granted there may be a multitude of problems with Lagos or other developing countries in general.  But one should not be able to force their ideals and values upon others if everyone else is content.  I will end with what Ifemelu said, “get over yourselves and realize that the way of life here is just that, assorted“.  You cannot go through life fixing other people and things to fit your perception of “perfect”



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