Women in Lagos

Women in Lagos

laIfemelu makes a post about the women in Lagos and they magically can afford expensive things even though their lifestyle clearly can not afford it. Ifemelus post suggests that the women of Lagos use men to help pave their wave, they become dependent on what a man can give them. They become so dependent that they lose themselves in that person. She says “crippled by their culture of dependency”, which suggest that in that culture it is quite common and you are taught that you can use your body and get something in return, you are taught that you need a man with cash to survive. This is worrisome because what becomes of those women when that source of income decides to leave? You are left with nothing, you do not know how to make it on your on. On to the next man right? Desperation. Desperation and fear make people do stupid things, sacrifice happiness for security. No one wants to live the poor life, the lonely life. That is understandable, the problem is how you go about it. Of course, it is easy for me to talk because I have not yet had the unfortunate feeling of literally needing someone to survive, but does that make my words and Ifemelus words any less true? I may not be from that culture but we can all recognize relationships that are not built on the purity of love but the give and take. It is so easy to fall into that mentality society has conditioned one to believe, when you can not make it on your own, you fall back onto what you are used to. So what is one to do? How can we fix this problem? Is it even possible to fix this?



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